Press & Wash Dispenser

Press & Wash Dispenser

  • Good innovation never loses value.
  • Press & amp; Wash is not just a classic among hotel room dispenser systems, with the significant benefits it can offer, it is a bestseller, today more than ever before.
  • Practical, hygienic and ecological system.
Instructions for mounting and changing the refill

Glue holder

  • Contents: Self-adhesive holder / Alcohol wipe / key to unlock the refill
  • Before installing the holder, wipe the surface with an alcohol wipe.
  • The area where you want to mount the holder should be:
    • firm and dust-free
    • Clean and dry (no dirt, grease, oil, silicone film or other impurities)
  • Remove the protective film from the adhesive tape on the holder. < / li>
  • Attach the holder at least 8 cm away from the sink to provide enough space to change the refill.
  • Hold the dispenser upright and press it firmly against the wall.
  • Holder do not place over grouting lines, as the effect of the adhesive will be reduced.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT apply the refill for the first 48 hours to allow the adhesive to work.

Drilling holder

  • Mark the positions for the two screw holes on the wall.
  • Drill the two screw holes and insert the dowels.
  • Insert the supplied screws through the holes in the bracket and secure the dispenser to the wall.
  • Now place the screw caps over the screws on the mounted bracket.
  • Contents: bracket / Alcohol wipe / key to unlock the refill / screws, screw / screw caps.


  • Insert the bottom of the refill into the top of the holder and slide it onto the plastic ring until it clicks into the bottom of the holder.
    2. Wrap one hand around the refill and press until you reach the desired amount.