Cris Sutter

  • Anti-slip crystallizer for marble floors, marble compositions and terrazzo floor coverings.
  • Crystallizer is also used for limestone floors.
  • Eliminates microporosity by preventing dirt from penetrating. Great great effect.
  • Registered with Underwriters Laboratories Inc., anti-slip agent, high resistance product.
  • Eliminates the porosity of limestone surfaces. Great effect.
  • COLOR : Pink
  • PH : 8.5 ± 0.5
  • DENSITY : 1.04
  • PACKAGING : 5kg
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SUTTER – a synonym for cleaning since 1858.

SUTTER Sutter was founded in Switzerland in 1858. Today it contains a group of companies that design, manufacture and sell the highest quality chemical products for cleaning and maintenance of all rooms.

The company has its headquarters in several countries on two continents and meets the needs of professional and domestic customers. The basic goal of Sutter is customer satisfaction.

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