FIMAP FM43 single disc

The ideal single-disc machine for thorough cleaning and treatment of all types of hard floors.

  • FIMAP FM43 G is a single-disc machine, robust and easy to maintain.
  • With a stainless steel frame and PPL coating, it combines efficiency and versatility with modern ergonomics.
  • It is suitable for thorough cleaning of hard surfaces, PVC and linoleum floors, for cleaning teoiha with foam or powder for carpets, crystallization of marble, removal of old coatings, and for dry polishing of vinyl floors.
  • Suitable for cleaning service companies, schools, kindergartens, industry, hotels, as well as small communities.
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FM43 G

Working width

430 mm


1100 W

Working drive

230 V

Brush speed

160 rpm

Machine weight

35 kg extra weight 7 kg


565X1160X450 dvš

Tank capacity

15 lit

Operating Instructions / Video Machine Maintenance
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