• FIMAP FS800 Easy to use, comfortable, affordable and versatile cleaning machine, suitable for all types of dirt, both indoors and outdoors.
  • The

  • FS800 sweeper offers maximum driving ease. It can be powered by battery or petrol with manual or automatic tank emptying.
  • The tank can be unloaded up to 1.25 m high. Pedal operated valve lifting devices are supplied as standard. They make it easier
  • Collecting coarse dirt.
  • In battery versions, power consumption is based on the actual use of each machine function, offering maximum efficiency at all times. In this way, the machine can achieve autonomy of up to 5 hours of operation with a single battery charge
  • The FS800 H engine version is equipped with a complete hydraulic system and does not contain electronic plates. This means increased reliability when working in particularly dirty conditions.

  • Recommended for cleaning indoor and outdoor environments, such as industrial and commercial environments and parking lots.
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FS800 B

FS800 H

Central width


800 mm

800 mm

Working width with 2

side brushes

1116 mm

1116 mm


Battery 24V / aut.

Petrol engine.

Performance (2

km / h)

Up to 6700 m2 / h

Up to 6700 m2 / h

Machine weight

322 kg without batteries

437 kg

Dimensions lhw





70 lit

70 lit

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