• FIMAP FSR With the FSR, Fimap represents a new way to design cleaning machines, making it compact, versatile, environmentally friendly and extremely productive with very low consumption, thanks to the production of the Hybrid version.
  • FIMAP FSR is available in two versions.
  • Battery-powered FSR B, suitable for cleaning up to 8,000 m2²
  • FSR Hybrid, powered by a combination of petrol engine and battery, suitable for cleaning floors up to 15,000 m2.
  • In the hybrid version, the autonomy of the petrol engine satisfies the clean battery power, doubling the autonomy of the operation.
  • Reduced dimensions and easy handling make it perfect not only for outdoor but also indoor spaces such as factories, warehouses, parking lots and the like.
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FSR hybrid

Central brush width

600 mm

600 mm

Working width with 2 side brushes

1000 mm

1000 mm


Battery 24V / aut.

Petrol engine + battery 24V / aut.

Performance (2 km / h)

Up to 4500m2 / h

Up to 4500 m2 / h

Filter area

3.2 m2

3 , 2 m2

D dimensions dvš

1455X1030X845 mm

1455X1030X845 mm

Tank capacity

65 lit

65 lit



Discover FFM and experience the benefits of constant connectivity, with the My.Machine app!

FFM is a fleet management system that collects data sent by each machine and converts it into valuable data that you can see on your smartphone or a tablet, thanks to the My.Machine app.

You can check the position and health of the machine at any time, along with the square meters cleaned and consumption data. In this way, the necessary estimates can be made to offer customers the best and most efficient service.

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