• FIMAP GL Large machine power and small agility The power and technology of large machines are now available for small devices as well.
  • Suitable for small environments in any industry, even the most demanding. That’s why the outer body is so robust. The polyethylene body completely protects the mechanical parts, emphasizing the robust and clean design, which facilitates movement in particularly narrow areas.
  • With its extraordinary power, GL delivers professional cleaning in the harshest conditions of any environment, from the most demanding healthcare floors to the toughest industrial sectors.
  • FIMAP GL is the perfect solution for professionals who want to supplement their fleet with a small cleaning dryer, and yet a very powerful one capable of providing effective mechanized cleaning results on small floors.
  • GL is a single disc scrubber available with Pro or Plus equipment.
  • Ideal for cleaning supermarkets, warehouses, production areas, salons, workshops, shops, schools, kitchens, canteens and restaurants
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Working width

355 mm

Brush pressure

30 kg

Working drive

24V semi-automatic

Suction width

440 mm

Tank capacity

15/17 lit

Working speed

3 km/h

Machine weight

84 kg


791X1110X490 lwh


Up to 1300 m2/h

Operating Instructions / Video Machine Maintenance
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