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  • FIMAP MxL is a scrubbing machine that inspires a sense of security and control, thanks to a harmonious and balanced design that promises a superior user experience.
  • It has the power needed to work in any environment and in the toughest conditions as a result of careful design that combines high-performance components with the most advanced technology.
  • As soon as you turn it on, feel the value of a machine designed to improve the professional results of any cleaning process, with innovative features that provide operators with all the tools they need to complete their work successfully.
  • The MxL comes with two disc brushes or cylindrical brushes, both versions available in basic, Pro and Plus configurations.
  • Ideal for cleaning: supermarkets, warehouses, production sites, shopping malls, workshops…
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Working width

840 mm

Battery life

Up to 5 h

Working drive

24V automatic

Suction width

985 mm

Tank capacity

74/85 lit

Noise level ISO 11201

< 70 dB

Weight of machine with batteries

392 kg


1542X1093X878 cm lwh


Up to 3400 m2/h

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