Multigienic Sutter 500ml

  • Quick disinfectant * degreaser for cleaning all surfaces.
  • Contains DS ethanol (UTF license IT00ALA00100K). According to EN test: 1040.1276 (Legionella Pneumophila included) and 13697.
  • Suitable for food (HACCP).
  • COLOR : No color
  • ACTIVE SUBSTANCE [%]: 9.7 ± 1.0
  • PH : & lt; 11.4
  • DENSITY : 0.999
  • PACKAGING : 500ml
There can be no good surface disinfection without prior cleaning

Proper disinfection necessarily involves an effective cleaning procedure and the application of a specific disinfectants according to the risk category. A disinfectant is a chemical compound that can eliminate microorganisms present on a potentially contaminated surface.

Safety data sheet
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