Smart Care Dispenzer

  • Smart and advanced solutions = new SmartCare system.
  • A unique combination of progressive design, functionality and easy handling.
  • A space-saving, economical and environmentally friendly hotel dispenser system = Simply intelligent!
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Instructions for mounting and changing the refill

Glue holder

  • Contents: Self-adhesive holder / Alcohol wipe / key to unlock the refill
  • Before installing the holder, wipe the surface with an alcohol wipe.
  • The area where you want to mount the holder should be:
    • firm and dust-free
    • Clean and dry (no dirt, grease, oil, silicone film or other impurities)
  • Remove the protective film from the adhesive tape on the holder. < / li>
  • Attach the holder at least 8 cm away from the sink to provide enough space to change the refill.
  • Hold the dispenser upright and press it firmly against the wall.
  • Holder do not place over grouting lines, as the effect of the adhesive will be reduced.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT apply the refill for the first 48 hours to allow the adhesive to work.

Drilling holder

  • Mark the positions for the two screw holes on the wall.
  • Drill the two screw holes and insert the dowels.
  • Insert the supplied screws through the holes in the bracket and secure the dispenser to the wall.
  • Now place the screw caps over the screws on the mounted bracket.
  • Contents: bracket / Alcohol wipe / key to unlock the refill / screws, screw / screw caps.


  • Hold the refill upside down with the lid facing down and place it under the holder.
  • There is a slot in the holder that directs the refill to an upright position. A slight click will notify you that the refill is firmly in place.
  • Remove the transport protective cover from the valve before first use.
  • Press the refill until you reach the desired amount of contents.
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