Tork Autocut advanced H1

  • Cardboard 6 rolls
  • 2 similar quality images
  • 150 m
  • Tork Matic®, developed for easy maintenance in high-traffic toilets.
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Dispenser - description

  • Tork Elevation / possibility of mechanical (Autocut) or sensor holder.
  • No contact, contact only with the paper used
  • Ensures a high degree of hygiene
  • Controlled consumption
  • Easy and fast refill replacement, paper availability indication in the holder
  • Decorated distinctive embossing
  • Available in black and white
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Manualni bijeli H1 držač


Manualni crni H1 držač


Senzorski bijeli H1 držač


Senzorski crni H1 držač


Image design H1 držač