Vectair SensaMist S3000
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Vectair SensaMist S3000


  • The magic of fragrance with the Sensamist line is very simple.
  • The SensaMist® S3000 fragrance dispenser creates a fragrant atmosphere for very large spaces.
  • The SensaMist® diffuser uses advanced nebulizer technology to create a fine odor mist that disperses into the space.
  • Ideal solution for hotels, casinos, gyms, homes, retail and catering establishments, etc.
  • Using unique fragrance oils, each fragrance can be programmed to last as desired by the location.
  • Power connection required
  • Extremely long-lasting and long-lasting scent
  • Remote control
  • Quiet operation

Vectair Systems vodeći je tehnološki inovator i proizvođač proizvoda za tretiranje zraka i higijene u mnogim sektorima širom svijeta. Više od 30 godina proizvodimo higijenska riješenja, osvježivače prostora itd.