Vectair SensaMist S80
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Vectair SensaMist S80


  • The magic of fragrance with the Sensamist line is very simple.
  • The SensaMist® S80 fragrance dispenser creates a fragrant atmosphere for small and medium-sized spaces.
  • The SensaMist® diffuser uses advanced nebulizer technology to create a fine odor mist that disperses into the space.
  • Ideal solution for hotels, casinos, gyms, homes, retail and catering establishments, etc.
  • Using unique fragrance oils, each fragrance can be programmed to last as desired by the location.
  • Economical battery life.
  • Extremely long-lasting and long-lasting scent
  • Quiet operation

Vectair Systems is a leading technology innovator and manufacturer of air treatment and hygiene products in many sectors around the world. We have been producing hygienic solutions, air fresheners, etc. for more than 30 years