VILEDA mop holder ultraspeed 40cm

  • The UltraSpeed Pro 40 cm frame is designed for use with the UltraSpeed Pro strainer, and is the only one that can be used with all UltraSpeed pro and UltraSpeed systems.
  • Durable, lightweight with a low-profile design, it reduces the possibility of tension in the shoulders and back of the person using the product and further facilitates cleaning under tables and radiators.
  • The large pedal is easy to use even in safety shoes.
  • Easy to use, durable low-profile 40cm long cloth frame
  • Designed for use with the UltraSpeed Pro strainer
  • The frame stays open when pressed
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Vileda is part of the Freudenberg family company founded in 1849. in Germany. Today Vileda has a range of modern, sophisticated and innovative products such as cloths, sponges, mops, cleaning carts
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