VILEDA water pusher foam 60cm
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VILEDA water pusher foam 60cm


  • Professional sponge floor mop for superior application results.
  • Made from the best materials for the best results in a professional application.
  • All production materials in the Squeegee Hygiene collection are FDA 21CFR compliant. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the components of these products for use in food and drug production.
  • Natural light green rubber. HACCP certified. High density.
  • Use is recommended when there is a great need for space hygiene.
  • For wet use back and forth.
  • Less absorbency than a traditional sponge, which raises hygiene standards.
  • Greater elasticity that contributes to ease and efficiency of use even on rough surfaces.
  • Much greater resistance to mechanical impacts thanks to strength and wear resistance.
Vileda is part of the Freudenberg family company founded in 1849. in Germany. Today Vileda has a range of modern, sophisticated and innovative products such as cloths, sponges, mops, cleaning carts