• Win the fight against bacteria
  • Based on an intensive research and development process, we are proud to provide a cloth that has one clear goal – to maintain the operating environment as hygienic and healthy as possible.
  • The NanoTech micro cloth not only removes bacteria, but even kills them in direct contact because nanoparticles of silver are embedded in the microfiber structure.
  • With the color coding system, the cleaning procedure according to hygiene standards can be applied.
  • Ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, kindergartens, restaurants, etc.
  • There is no possibility of bacteria or microbes growing on the rags
  • The antibacterial effect remains even when the cloths are washed
Dark blue
Verde mela
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Vileda is part of the Freudenberg family company founded in 1849. in Germany. Today Vileda has a range of modern, sophisticated and innovative products such as cloths, sponges, mops, cleaning carts
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