VILEDA MultiPurpose gloves

VILEDA MultiPurpose gloves

  • High-strength natural latex glove offers excellent economy and high anatomical comfort in use.
  • Good chemical resistance to detergents and cleaning chemicals
  • Color Code
  • CE category III – for high risk

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Glove sizes
HR Standards for protective gloves

EN420 : general characteristics

EN388 : risks of mechanical damage

EN511 : cold hazards

EN407 : thermal hazards, heat and fire

EN659 : fire-fighting gloves

PrEN12477 : welding gloves

EN374-2 : risks from microorganisms

EN374-3 >: Chemical risks

EN455-2008 : Disposable medical gloves

Vileda is part of the Freudenberg family company founded in 1849. in Germany. Today Vileda has a range of modern, sophisticated and innovative products such as cloths, sponges, mops, cleaning carts