VILEDA Voleopro kolica

  • Voleopro strollers are the perfect solution when you need to carry a wide range of cleaning accessories housed in flexible and compact strollers
  • The new VoleoPro compact strollers have a unique structure consisting of 2 aluminum V-pillars.
  • They can also be equipped with a multi-purpose bridge on which other Vileda assets can be kept, such as rolls of garbage bags, bottles and more.
  • One of the biggest advantages is that all larger accessories are stored inside the cart
  • It’s also very easy to navigate and store in tight spaces.
  • The large rear wheels with a diameter of 150 mm and the front wheels with a diameter of 100 mm provide a great possibility of wheelchair control even in the narrowest corridors or on stairs.
  • All integrated smart features like frame holders or various types of hooks, etc. Allow the stroller to become the perfect solution that grows with your requirements.
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Vileda is part of the Freudenberg family company founded in 1849. in Germany. Today Vileda has a range of modern, sophisticated and innovative products such as cloths, sponges, mops, cleaning carts
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