Protective face mask 3sl 50/1

  • 3-layer disposable mask that provides protection against bacteria and viruses.
  • Face mask with elastic band.
  • Highly effective antibacterial mask is equipped with integrated plastic reinforcement, which
    allows for its perfect anatomical shape on the nose.
  • Used properly, the mask has a high filtration efficiency.
  • The face mask is dust-resistant and prevents harmful particles and bacteria from passing through the air.
  • 3 layers of polypropylene fibers
  • Filtration efficiency up to 90%
  • Made of anti-allergic non-woven material
  • comfortable to wear
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TPH is our own brand in the hygiene segment, with which we want to meet all today’s customer needs for economical, environmentally friendly and reliable hygiene systems. It was created after many years of market research for quality solutions in the hygiene segment.

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