Emerald ZERO Sutter

Emerald ZERO Sutter

  • High performance natural degreasing detergent.
  • Universally concentrated cleaner for all hard surfaces.
  • Great for machine washing as well.
  • Effective in persistent dirt.
  • Contains raw materials of plant origin (eg surfactants) resulting from the processing of corn, potatoes, sugar and coconut oil.
  • Citrus scent, allergen free (Reg.648 / 2004). Phosphate-free and nickel-free (less than 0.01 ppm).
  • Dermatologically tested patch-tested product (human, non-animal tested).
  • The absence of CLP warning signs means that the product is safe for both the operator and the environment, provided that it is used according to the instructions for use and other information on the label.
  • Performance tested in a market-leading laboratory in an ISO 17025 certified laboratory.
  • No CLP
  • COLOR : Green
  • ACTIVE SUBSTANCE [%]: 9.0 ± 0.9
  • PH : & lt; 11.4
  • DENSITY : 1,025
  • PACKAGING : 5kg


Zero line is made from a raw material that is 100% raw plant origin and uses renewable sources. The real power of cleansing nature! Zero is a natural force, thanks to a special high-performance formula that allows it to give better results than equivalent products of chemical origin.

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